VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited 2.10

Powerful VPN utility to browse the Web without compromising your safety

There is a long list of Virtual Private Network providers with a more or less easy-to-use interface and a certain level of privacy and security and then there is VPN Unlimited. This high-end VPN service offers a wide range of servers worldwide, an extremely easy connection setup, and encryption algorithms of the highest order to ensure that all data is transmitted with the maximum level of security.

VPN can be set to launch automatically at startup to make sure that your Internet connection uses this service right from the start. Suitable for all users and all devices, anyone can make use of VPN Unlimited on their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android devices, desktop computers, and laptops, running on Windows, Mac OS X or Lynux. The extensive choice of servers available (26 data centers in 18 countries) guarantees the fastest connection possible regardless of where you are, thus providing you with high-speed Internet and unlimited traffic bandwidth anywhere in the world.

Privacy and safety being probably the main reasons why anyone would subscribe to a VPN service, they are a top priority in VPN Unlimited. It has devised a service in which data protection and secure connections are of the highest standard, encrypting your data locally using top-notch algorithms to guarantee that no data leaves your device unprotected. Additionally, the service turns WiFi connections at public places into secure lines for your Internet activities, preventing hackers and sniffers from grabbing your personal information by hiding and encrypting all your data. Your anonymity is thus fully guaranteed.

VPN Unlimited comes in an attractive and modern interface that will connect automatically to the best server available as soon as you connect your device. However, nothing prevents you from choosing and connecting to a different server if desired. You can also check your account status at any time with just one click, and even take a look at your combined usage statistics in real time.

To make sure that all users can access this convenient service, VPN Unlimited offers a highly flexible subscription scheme – from $1.99 for 10 days to a Premium 3-year subscription for less than 60 dollars, anyone can enjoy the privacy and security that this VPN service provides. Each user can set up three accounts, and use up to five different devices for each of them. VPN Unlimited is probably one of the most interesting and effective VPN services around for all the right reasons – high-speed connections, Fort-Knox secure environments, and a flexible and affordable pricing policy.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward functionality
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • High level of security with powerful encryption algorithms
  • Highly flexible suscription rates
  • Wide array of worldwide servers to connect to
  • Offers useful connection statistics


  • None
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